War Zone: What if?

WarZoneM#2Wat MK

One reason for this (children in war) is the proliferation of light weapons. In the past, children were not particularly effective as front-line fighters since most of the lethal hardware was too heavy and cumbersome for them to manipulate. A child might have been able to wield a sword or a machete but was no match for a similarly armed adult.

However, a child with an assault rifle, a Soviet-made AK-47 or an American M-16, is a fearsome match for anyone. These weapons are very simple to use. The AK-47 can be stripped and reassembled by a child of 10. The rifles have also become much cheaper and more widely available—having few moving parts they are extremely durable and have steadily accumulated in war zones.”                                                                             ~ UNICEF

Jackson Boelts’ current research pertains to the trauma imposed on children by war and light weapons. This series of work called “WAR ZONE: What if?” is delineated by large scale watercolor portraits, 30” X 44.5”, of children influenced by potential war in the western world.

These works are available to view or purchase on an appointment basis.