Staging with Art for Quick Home Sale

Any good real estate agent will let their seller know, for a quick sale, you MUST stage your home. This endeavor can range from cleaning and repairing to storing clutter and personal items and beyond —to a massive remodel. The New York Times recently reported that city’s newest trends for decorators and sellers reflects the essential message that buyers know a “staged look” when they see it. Gone are the days when a staged home can look like an IKEA warehouse set with a fake tea service on the bed. Buyers are looking for personality.

But where is that “personality sweet spot?”

Start by asking, is this staging “full” or “empty?” A full staging will involve your own choice pieces, pared down and artfully arranged to harmoniously reflect the price range of the area and the architecture of the home. When your own pieces are not suitable for staging (old, broken, dirty, mismatched) you might want to invest in a staging professional who will design and create each room’s decor with rented or borrowed pieces. This endeavor can be a costly investment but may be worth the extra effort and expense for a quick sale at price. Obviously, an empty staging involves an empty house, spotlessly cleaned.

Back to that personality…

So, buyers can tell if a staging looks “faked.” Home buyers—like fashion magazine readers—want to envision the best of themselves in the glossy pages— and in the rooms of their future home. This “visioning” requires little pops of upscale decor and unique, contemporary furniture and accents. Think about an unusual lamp, an unexpectedly fuzzy rug, a cobalt blue chair— any blip of the unexpected to keep the staging from looking like a vanilla hotel room.

Another decor accent that lends a real pop is the addition of artwork. It is important to keep in mind that the size and style of the artwork MUST match whatever decor is in place. It is also important to hang original artworks, not prints. If your decor is traditional, think about beautiful original oil or watercolor landscapes. A contemporary home will benefit from abstract art mounted in contemporary frames or flush mounted on a substrate like aluminum. These works should NOT look like the sofa art you find in the hotel lobby, they should have a personality and they must be hung correctly, at eye level on a properly proportioned wall.

Even an empty house will benefit from strategically placed art. Large suburban homes—when freshly painted a neutral color and NOT staged—look fresh and well-maintained. But soaring cathedral ceilings and vast empty wall spaces can be visually enhanced dramatically with the addition of a few key pieces of artwork.

In the photos below, the owner could not afford to stage the entire 3,000 sf home so it was emptied, cleaned and freshly painted. No detail was overlooked. The home’s kitchen had been recently remodeled in a contemporary style with shaker cabinets in light ash with back-lit green glass accents, natural slate counter tops and stainless steel appliances. This non-traditional style upgrade was enhanced with the addition of several strategically placed pieces of contemporary artworks. This home sold at price in four days.

art accents home staging
A single stunning contemporary print on canvas in the foyer
art accents home staging
Aluminum mounted digital print in a bright color breaks the monotony of the tan walls and carpet
three monoprints above the fireplace
A series depicting water brings the blue of the pool area inside the home

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