12/17/15 Thinking About Art as a Gift?

Are you tired of looking and looking for a perfect gift and coming up with the same old tired standbys at the last minute? (I’d guess you might be tired of receiving those kind of gifts too!)

For the inspired and organized, there are a myriad of both homemade and handmade items that are sure to feel good about buying AND giving.

If there is a street fair or farmer’s market near you, a handcrafted or fresh purchase will go a long way in supporting your local economy and the craftspeople who make their living making beautiful things. Think about gathering items together in a basket or box and your thoughtful gift will surely impress.

Beyond the crafty, the gift of a beautiful. lasting piece of professional art will impress and be treasured for a lifetime. Some suggestions for those on your gift list who might love art:

  • College Students living away from home for the first time. They are ready to graduate out of the poster stage and when they move into more permanent digs, your gift will go with them (be sure to invest in lightweight framing; most dorms and apartments are touchy about nails which might be needed to hang heavier pieces)
  • A colleague who has expressed a love for art or design sensibility that tells you they might treasure a beautiful addition to their home instead of a fruit basket
  • The teacher or professor whom you would like to thank with a gift that lasts for a lifetime
  • Your special friend who rose above to help you move, help you open cans when you broke your hand, helped you with the reference that got you the job or gave you a big hug when you needed it the most

Art is a thoughtful gift and might even appreciate over time.