Landscape Watercolors

Original wateercolor landscape of Arizona mountain stream
Mt. Lemmon is a Sky Island Oasis in the middle of the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona. This little stream means a cool drink for animals and life for myriads insects in this tiny, green place of refuge.

Original artworks are investments that pay off every day when they brighten your home or office with magnificent depictions of amazing places. Jackson Boelts is a master watercolor landscape artist who offers a very small selection of works to the discerning collector. These pieces are painted in his studio on archival cold-pressed watercolor paper in the old style. These works should last a lifetime and make a significant part of your estate to delight future generations.Each image is original, one-of-a-kind, signed by the artist. Majority of the works are 22″ x 30″ (or 30″ x 22″.) See our PURCHASE page for available editions. Contact the artist about framing and shipping options. All original works are available framed, mounted or unframed for purchase or lease. Prices listed are for unframed works shipped available originals CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to view full image or add to your cart: