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Cowboys/Cowgirls on the Border

000  Joseph Labate and I received a grant through the University of Arizona’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry to create an exhibition, Border Cowboys/Border Cowgirls: Que es lo Mismo, Pero no Es (What is the same, but not) which premiered at the Amarind Museum in 2019. Photographs and paintings are still being created for this body […]

Living in Two Artistic Worlds by Herb Stratford

100The June issue of the Desert Leaf Magazine includes a wonderful article on Jackson’s work written by the excellent, Herb Stratford. Please pick up your copy today or read their online version (page 58.) Jackson’s provocative series, “War Zone: What if?” is viewable on his site at

Staging with Art for Quick Home Sale

002Any good real estate agent will let their seller know, for a quick sale, you MUST stage your home. This endeavor can range from cleaning and repairing to storing clutter and personal items and beyond —to a massive remodel. The New York Times recently reported that city’s newest trends for decorators and sellers reflects the […]

Aluminum Mounted Prints Freshen Decor

000New Year’s diets may be in your plans, but a possibly more practical way to sharpen up a great new look for 2016 is to add aluminum mounted artwork to your home (or office) decor. Wood and glass framing is elegant and perfectly suited to homes and office spaces that are decorated in a traditional […]